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We partner with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and ambitious authors to create bestselling books.


Kill Complexity.
Before It Kills You.

Yeah, we made that rhyme. It's just a taste of the award-winning creativity you'll get with us. More importantly, it's true. If your ROI is dumb looks on your customers' faces, you have a complexity problem. Time to call in the storytellers. (That's us.)


THE BOOK PUBLISHING INDUSTRY IS Not built for entrepreneurs and creators

Authors are forced to choose from three bad options:


  • No support or marketing
  • Takes 75-90% of sales


  • High fees (Up to $55,000!)
  • Pay for deliverables, not performance.


  • 100% Do-It-Yourself
  • Huge time commitment

As a result, most people choose to push off their book publishing aspirations forever.

Here's a better way:

performance-based PUBLISHING

  • Full-service publishing
  • Extensive marketing
  • World-class storytelling
  • Performance-based pricing
  • Best royalty rates in industry
  • We don't make a profit until you do.

book publishing services


Our editors will help you write, publish, and promote your book from concept to launch.


Build your audience from Day 1 with organic growth marketing, book placements, and PR.


International distribution and perfomance-based pricing.

IP Expansion

Grow with courses, podcasts, and keynote presentations.

why damn gravity?

We're not just publishers. We're partners in your success.

We provide full-service support from Day 1 and up to a year after publishing.

With performance-based pricing, we don't make profit until you do.


Andrew Warner, a master podcast host, shows you how to lead dynamic interviews to accelerate your learning and grow your career.

"An essential read for podcasters, salespeople, startup founders, and anyone who wants to lead deeper conversations with people they admire. "

-Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

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Full-Service Publishing

  • Ghostwriting, editing, design, and publishing
  • 8-month pre-launch marketing campaign
  • One-year post-launch marketing campaign
Starting at $3,800/month for 9 months

Royalties: 100% until money made back

Guided Publishing

  • Write with the guidance of book coach
  • Editing, design, and publishing services
  • Pre-launch and post-launch marketing
Starting at $2,200/month for 9 months

Royalties: 100% until money made back

Book Launch

  • Editing, design, formatting, publishing
  • 5 month pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Launch week and post-launch campaigns
Starting at $2,025/month for 6 months

Royalties: 100% until money made back

Book Coaching

  • Write with the guidance of book coach
  • Weekly 1-hour coaching calls
  • Proven process, timeline, and writer resources
Starting at $1,000/month


1. Send us a message

2. Share your ideas, motivations, and background

3. We'll reach out either way (no ghosting here)

If we're not a good fit for you, we'll point you in the right direction to launch your book.

frequently asked q's

What is Performance-Based Publishing? 

The book publishing industry is broken. Authors have three no-good options:

- Traditional Publisher: They pay you a small advance but give you no support where it counts: Writing and marketing. Your success is up to you alone.

- Pay-to-Play: Publishing services like Scribe Media will help you write, publish, and promote your book. But you're paying for the deliverable, not performance. Like an agency, these services are NOT invested in your success.

- Self-Publish: The cheapest way to become an author is to do it yourself, but you get no writing, publishing, or marketing support.

Here's a better way: Performance-Based Publishing with Damn Gravity.

Our business model is simple: We don't make a profit until you do.

We're a full-service publishing company, but we're also invested in the performance of your book. We start marketing your book from Day 1 and will continue promoting it for up to a year after publishing.

Why Did Damn Gravity Choose the Performance-Based Publishing model? 

With partner publishing, we don’t make a profit on your book if it doesn’t perform. And that’s why we prefer it. 

We believe in our authors and our ability to help them create world-class books. We want to be part of your success — true partners. 

How Do Royalties Work?

Our model is simple: We don't make a profit until you do.

As the author, you pay for the upfront cost of publishing your book. We put our expertise to work to make it a success. Once you make your money back, we'll start earning royalties for sales thereafter.

We're flexible with our profit-sharing agreements, but here's an example schedule (percentage indicates the author's portion):

- $0 - 28,800 net sales (after distribution fees) — 100%
- $28,801 - 50,000 — 80%
- $50,001 - 75,000 — 70%
- $75,001 - 100,000 — 65%
- $100,001 - 250,000 — 60%
- $250,001 - 1,000,000 — 55%
- $1,000,000+ — 52%

How do you ensure the success of my book? 

While success is never guaranteed, we’re confident in two key areas: Producing world-class books and creating a winning promotion strategy.

We work with experienced writers and editors to produce your book. Our Collaborative Creative Culture (CCC) helps us produce better ideas than any individual could on their own. See for yourself by taking part in one of our Brain Trust meetings.

We also have a unique approach to promoting your book: Writing-in-Public (WIP). We use the entire book production process–up to 9 months–for marketing and promotion. By the time we get to launch, you’ll have a large, invested audience ready to buy your book and help you spread the word.

What types of authors do you work with?

Damn Gravity invests more time and energy into our authors than any other publishing service. Therefore, we’re highly selective in who we choose to work with. 

We partner with authors with the experience, expertise, and commitment to produce a successful book. All of our books are focused on business, entrepreneurship, technology, and personal development.

Why Damn Gravity?

Damn Gravity was founded by me, Ben Putano. I am a writer, marketer, and entrepreneur with a passion for books and personal development. My mission is to inspire readers, leaders, and lifelong learners to create a better status quo.

I also want to support entrepreneurs and authors on one of the biggest undertakings of their lives: Writing a book. From personal experience, I know the transformative power of becoming an author. Damn Gravity is a publishing house that not only supports authors on their journey, but partners with them from Day 1.

The Laws of Damn Gravity:

1. Be Bold
2. Be Curious
3. Be Creative
4. Be Entrepreneurial
5. Be Uplifting
6. Be Worthy of Trust
7. Be Better Every Day

We're producing the next generation of great books that inspire tomorrow's leaders. Are you in the business of changing the status quo? We want to work with you.