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Agile editorial + growth marketing expertise to create better books and bigger impact

"Damn Gravity helped me turn my two decades of startup experience into a book I'm incredibly proud of. I'm a better founder because of it."

– Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy & author of Stop Asking Questions

What is Performance Publishing? 

Imagine a traditional publisher and a growth marketing agency had a baby. That's Performance Publishing.

Damn Gravity is the only Performance Publisher for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders. Our mission is to create better books that reach more readers and make a bigger impact.

We select a limited number of titles each year based on audience fit, author expertise, and concept quality.

Our Publishing Methodology:

1. Agile Book Development

Write a better book, faster

▪️ Full-service, step-by-step process
▪️ Dedicated managing editor
▪️ Beta reader feedback
▪️ Ghostwriters and co-author packages available

2. Community-led Growth

Turn early readers into evangelists

▪️ Beta reader recruitment
▪️ Slack community mgmt
▪️ Feedback added to manuscript
▪️ Launch team development

3. Day 1 Marketing™

Build your audience as you write

▪️ Social strategy and content
▪️ Newsletter strategy and content
▪️ Audience growth and mgmt
▪️ Book announcement campaign

4. Full-Scale Production

Expert execution from start to finish

▪️ International distribution
▪️ Hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats
▪️ Offset or print-on-demand options
▪️ Brick-and-mortar outreach

5. Launch Promotion

Proven go-to-market plan, customized to you

▪️ Podcast tour scheduling and management
▪️ Launch week programming
▪ Pre-order campaign
▪️ Blurbs and reviews

6. Long-term Partnership

Continued impact long after launch

▪️ IP expansion
▪️ Ongoing marketing support
▪️ Post-launch campaigns
▪️ Rights and royalties management

7. Performance-based pricing

A publishing model that prioritizes reach and impact

▪️ 3-4x higher royalties than traditional publishers
▪️ Lower fees than publishing services
▪️ Transparent reporting
▪️ Long-term support

Self-authored services start at $15,000. Co-authored and ghostwriting options start at $50,000

“Working with Ben and the Damn Gravity team on my book journey has been so valuable. Ben is a wonderful strategic thinker, thought partner, and educator. He has stretched me to think in new ways about digital marketing and building community around the messages in my book. I could not have done it without him.”

– Jim Fielding, bestselling author of All Pride, No Ego. Former President of Disney Stores, 21st Century Fox, Dreamworks, and CEO of Claire's

Kill Complexity.
Before It Kills You.

Yeah, we made that rhyme. It's just a taste of the award-winning creativity you'll get with us. More importantly, it's true. If your ROI is dumb looks on your customers' faces, you have a complexity problem. Time to call in the storytellers. (That's us.)


publishing needs a revolution

Old publishing models are bad for entrepreneurial authors:

❌ Traditional

  • Minimum marketing support
  • Take 75-90% of sales

❌ Hybrid/vanity

  • Transactional
  • Paid to publish, not promote.

❌ Self-Publishing

  • 100% DIY
  • Huge time commitment

performance publishing

  • Full service publishing
  • IP expansion
  • Powerhouse editorial team
  • Full scale marketing
  • Top royalty rates in industry

Publishing Packages

Performance-based pricing creates long-term alignment and a true partnership focused on the success of your book.

Full Service + Ghost

  • Ghostwriting, editing, publishing
  • Full marketing, launch, and promotion
  • Published under Damn Gravity imprint
  • Keep 75% royalties
Starting at $6,500/mo

12 months — $78,000

Full Service + Co-Author

  • Partner with co-author who shares credit and royalties
  • Full marketing, launch, and promotion
  • Published under Damn Gravity imprint
  • Keep 75% royalties
Starting at $5,500/mo

12 months — $66,000

Author-Written + Publish

  • Write your book with support of editor
  • Full marketing, launch, and promotion
  • Published under Damn Gravity imprint
  • Keep 75% royalties
Starting at $3,100/mo

12 months — $37,200


  • Submit your completed manuscript
  • Marketing, launch, and promotion available
  • Published under Damn Gravity imprint
  • Keep 75% royalties
Starting at $4,200/mo

3 months — $16,800

Custom packages available.
Every author's journey is different. Let's work together to create the perfect publishing experience for you.

Marketing Packages

Audience growth

  • Grow your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram audience
  • Weekly newsletter content and mgmt
  • Author brand positioning
Starting at $6,000/mo

Podcast tour

  • Get booked on up to 20 podcasts in your industry
  • Digital media package + outreach
  • Turn each appearance into short form video content
Starting at $20,000

Book -> Course

  • Turn your book into an online course
  • Live cohort or on-demand available
  • Partner with top course platforms
Starting at $10,000

Book Launch Week

  • Two weeks of social content
  • Email drip campaign
  • Five podcast appearances
Starting at $15,000

Custom packages available. Every author's journey is different. Let's work together to create the perfect publishing experience for you.

"In the field of interviewing, Andrew is the archetypal example of ‘so good they can’t ignore you.’ Read this book to steal his secrets! "

My name is Ben Putano.
I'm the founder of Damn Gravity Media.

Since 2015, I've helped founders find their online voices, build their audiences, and grow their businesses. I'm also the author of Great Founders Write.

I live and work in Chicago with my wife, Mary, and our dog, Avon. When I'm not writing, find me playing ultimate frisbee, watching a Chicago Bulls game, exploring the city, and traveling the world in search of delicious food.

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Damn Gravity publishes books on business, creative work, and personal growth.

We select a limited number of titles each year based on audience fit, expertise of author, and concept quality.

Authors at every stage are welcomed to apply, from pre-concept to finished manuscript.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to begin the application process

You can also message Ben on Twitter: @benjaminputano

frequently asked q's

What is Performance Publishing? 

The book publishing industry is broken. Authors have three no-good options:

- Traditional Publisher: They pay you a small advance but give you no support where it counts: Writing and marketing. Your success is up to you alone.

- Publishing Services: Publishing services like Scribe Media will help you write, publish, and promote your book. But you're paying for the deliverable, not performance. Like an agency, these services are NOT invested in your success.

- Self-Publish: The cheapest way to become an author is to do it yourself, but you get no writing, publishing, or marketing support.

Here's a better way: Performance Publishing with Damn Gravity.

Our business model is simple: The better you do, the better we do.

We're a full-service publisher, but we're also invested in the performance of your book. We offer the most comprehensive marketing program in the industry to help you maximize sales and profits.

Why Did Damn Gravity Choose the Performance Publishing model? 

With performance publishing, our financial success is directly tied to yours. And that’s why we prefer it. 

We believe in our authors and our ability to help them create world-changing books. We want to be part of your success. True partners. 

How Do Royalties Work?

Our model is simple: The better you do, the better we do.

As the author, you pay for the upfront cost of your book. Damn Gravity keeps its margins to the bare minimum and is rewarded on sales performance.

You keep 100% of your net income until you make your money back. Then Damn Gravity will start earning royalties on a sliding schedule.

We're flexible with our profit-sharing agreements, but here's an example schedule:

- $0 - 55,000 net income — 100% (author keep)
- $55,001 - 75,000— 80%
- $75,001 - 100,000 — 70%
- $100,001 - 250,000 — 60%
- $250,001 - 1,000,000 — 55%
- $1,000,000+ — 52%

What types of authors do you work with?

Damn Gravity invests more time and energy into our authors than any other publishing service. Therefore, we’re highly selective in who we choose to work with. 

We partner with authors with the experience, expertise, and commitment to produce a successful book. All of our books are focused on business, entrepreneurship, technology, and personal development.

who is behind damn gravity?

Ben Putano is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of Damn Gravity.

Ben has built a career helping startup founders tell better stories. As a content marketing agency owner, he's worked with technology companies big and small, producing over 500,000 words and millions of impressions for clients.

Today, as a publisher, Ben works one-on-one with successful business leaders to write and produce impactful books. Ben lives in Chicago with his wife, Mary, and their dog, Avon. When he's not writing, you'll find him playing ultimate frisbee, catching a basketball game, and traveling the world.

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