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Strategic Writing: An On-Demand Course for Great Founders

Training, tools, and exercises proven to help you master the most valuable skill in business

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An excellent course... Classes were packed with great info, and the pacing was perfect for helping me establish a solid writing habit.

DJ Scruggs, founder REI DAO

Learn the Writing Skills That Actually Grow Your Business, Influence, and Audience

You're great at what you do. There's no denying it.

Customers rave about your work. You win awards and recognition from your peers. You're an expert in your field and dedicated to getting better every day.

You have the skills and business acumen to hit it big...

But you're not. Something's off.

Potential customers slip away like sand through your fingers.

Your content (on the rare occasion you write) gets little or no engagement.

Every sale is an uphill battle.

What's going on?

The problem isn't your skill set or work ethic.

It's how you communicate with your customers and audience.

Today's most valuable skill for founders is Strategic Writing.

Strategic Writing is the process of positioning, messaging, marketing, and selling. At scale. Through writing.


And then I would recommend Ben Putano's
Great Founders Write cohort if you want to go the next level!

George Siosi Samuels, founder of It Will Come

In the knowledge economy, strategic writing is what separates the top performers from the rest.

It's how you build your audience and momentum with each piece of content.

Strategic Writing is putting your words to work for you.

Are you ready to stop struggling and start sprinting toward growth? 

It's time to master Strategic Writing.

This course is for you if:

✏️ You're an ambitious founder, creator, or aspiring entrepreneur.

✏️ You struggle to communicate the value of your business to potential customers.

✏️ Your website, emails, or ads are not converting to sales.

✏️ You need to build your audience to grow your business.

✏️ You want to write more clearly, consistently, and confidently.

This is me. Let's get started.

New course from the creators of Great Founders Write. Join these founders on their writing journeys:

Start from First Principles.
Not Templates.

The GFW cohort is built on five pillars proven to help you succeed as a writer and entrepreneur: 


You will be writing in the first 15 minutes of the first session.

Learn simple strategies to beat perfectionism and writer's block so you can write and publish consistently.


Stay on track with our weekly writing and promotion schedule. Work your way up the leaderboard with every piece you publish.

Join our exclusive co-writing sessions to ensure you put in the work.


Participate in a live writing lesson each week, then dive deeper into GFW's growing library of resources.

Live meetups include lessons copywriting, storytelling, audience building, and clear writing.

Plus, get a free 1-on-1 coaching session with Ben.


You can't improve without honest and consistent feedback.

Each week you'll get notes from your peers and teachers on your writing strengths and where you can improve.


Writing and building a business can be lonely. You don't have to do it alone.

With engaging live meetups, 1-on-1 discussions, and an active online community, you'll never feel alone on your journey again.

Course Curriculum

Course length: 8 lessons (< 4 hours)

Strategic Writing starts with the most valuable writing skill of all:


You'll then build on this foundation to position yourself online, write hooks that grab attention, and tell stories that captivate your readers.

Modules 5 and 6 are focused on writing strategy: how to plan out your content and grow your audience.

You'll wrap up the course by practicing the art of clear writing. Lastly, learn how to form a life-long writing habit (because strategic writing requires you to write consistently!)

Each module includes examples, frameworks, and writing exercises to help you put your new training into action.

Module 1: Copywriting

- ABC123 framework
- Grab attention
- Build urgency

Module 2: Personal Positioning

- Attract the *right* audience
- Become an instant follow
- Rewrite your social bio

Module 3: Writing Hooks

- Write click-worthy titles
- Create Twitter threads
- Generate curiosity

Module 4: Storytelling

- Captivate your audience
- Heroic Customer Story
- Write for social media

Module 5: Content Strategy

- Turn readers into customers
- Generate endless ideas
- Plan out your content

Module 6: Build Your Audience

- Create your growth funnel
- Find your promoters
- Give away value

Module 7: Clear Writing Principles

- Communicate your value
- Connect emotionally
- Say more with less

Module 8: Form a Writing Habit

- Break up the process
- Find accountability
- Fight distraction

Pre-Order Now for $89

Extra Tools and Resources

Get access our growing library of guides, tools, frameworks, and writing exercises. Plus, get a digital copy of Great Founders Write.

I'm Ready. Let's write

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◾Frameworks, templates, examples, and exercises to help you turn your knowledge into action.

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"In the field of interviewing, Andrew is the archetypal example of ‘so good they can’t ignore you.’ Read this book to steal his secrets! "

Meet Your Course Teacher

Ben Putano

Ben is the founder of Damn Gravity Media (the book publisher for entrepreneurs) and author of Great Founders Write. Since 2015, Ben has worked with dozens of startups to create their customer messaging, sales copy, and content marketing programs.

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