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Great Founders Write is your go-to guide for better writing, communication, and leadership.

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"I never considered myself a writer, but Ben helped me turn my two decades of startup experience into a book I'm incredibly proud of. I'm a better founder because of it."

– Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy & author of Stop Asking Questions

Accelerate Your Business, Career and Personal Growth 

Why do we get stuck in our own heads? Why do we struggle to share our vision and ideas? Why does growth seem to come so easily to some, but not to us?

What is holding us back from building the business, career, and life of our dreams?

The secret to entrepreneurial success has not changed in millennia. But today, it’s more important than ever:

Great founders write.

Writing is the ultimate accelerator for clear thinking, communication, leadership, and personal growth. It's the tool used by world-changing founders from Benjamin Franklin to Oprah Winfrey to Jeff Bezos and countless more.

"Clear thinking is clear writing. One cannot exist without the other." –William Zinsser

In today's knowledge-driven economy, ideas are your most valuable currency. The new rich are those who can communicate clearly and build a loyal following. That's why writing is the most important skill and habit for founders to develop.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential, grow your influence, and lead your business to new heights? 

It's time to join the ranks of great founders. It's time to write.

Great Founders Write will teach you how to:

✏️ Write clearly for teammates, customers & investors

✏️Communicate your vision and ideas with confidence

✏️ Build an online audience by telling stories that stick

✏️ Accelerate your personal growth and learning

You'll also get a library of writing exercises, guides, and frameworks you can use to become a better writer TODAY. 

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Are You Ready to Join These Great Founders?

A Timeless Skill That's More Relevant Than Ever

Great founders write because...

Writing is your primary means of communication.
With remote teams, international partners, and a global customer base, we're spending less time in the same room with the people we work with. Written communication skills have never been more valuable.

Your competition is fierce and well-spoken.
Traditional barriers to entry are gone. You aren't just competing for wallet share, but also mind share. Ideas are just as important as products and services.

Adaptability is the #1 trait of successful founders.
The world is changing faster than ever. Writing is the ultimate personal development tool to improve your strategy, learn new skills, and become your best self.

Writing is the master key that unlocks everything else.
Great founders write to learn from the past, lead in the present, and create the future.

Great Founders Write will give you the principles and practical exercises for better writing in your career and life.

I'm Ready!

"In the field of interviewing, Andrew is the archetypal example of ‘so good they can’t ignore you.’ Read this book to steal his secrets! "

Hey there! My name is Ben Putano.

Since 2015, I've helped founders find their online voices, build their audiences, and grow their businesses.

Today, I'm the founder of Damn Gravity Media, the book publisher for entrepreneurs and creatives. I'm also the author of Great Founders Write and lead instructor for the Great Founders Write cohort.

I live and work in Chicago with my wife, Mary, and our dog, Avon. When I'm not writing or teaching, you'll find me playing ultimate frisbee, watching a Chicago Bulls game, or traveling the world in search of delicious food.

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