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Principles for clear thinking, confident writing, and startup success

"I never considered myself a writer, but then Ben helped me turn my two decades of startup experience into a book. It made me a better founder."

–Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy and author of Stop Asking Questions

writing is the ultimate tool. THis book is your manual.

master the timeless skill for success in business and life.

Learn how to...

✏️ Write clearly for teammates, customers & investors

✏️ Communicate your vision and ideas with confidence

✏️ Build an online audience by telling stories that stick

✏️ Accelerate your personal growth and learning

Plus, get access to writing exercises, templates, and frameworks you can use to become a better writer TODAY. 

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Over a decade of interviewing experience condensed into 170 pages.

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Master the craft of interviewing with this complete digital package.

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The playbook for startup success has changed.

Writing is your primary mode of communication.
With remote teams, international partners, and a global customer base, we're spending less time in the same room with the people we work with most.

Competition is fiercer than ever.
Gone are the traditional barriers to entry. Businesses today don't just compete on product and distribution, but messaging and customer relationships.

Adaptability is the #1 trait of successful founders.
You need the flexibility to change your strategy, learn new skills, and transform yourself to reach your full potential.

Writing is the master key that unlocks everything else.
Great founders write to learn from the past, lead in the present, and create the future.

This book will give you the principles and practical exercises for better writing in your career and life.

Praise for stop asking questions

"Andrew Warner reveals how he mastered the craft of interviewing, giving readers a tactical roadmap to create winning conversations with people they admire."

Espree Devora, Host of "Women in Tech," Voted a Top 10 Podcast by Harper's Bazaar

"This book is not only a guide for interviewers like me, but is essential for anyone who wants to meet and learn from people a few steps ahead in life or business."

Jordan Harbinger, Host of "The Jordan Harbinger Show," an Apple Top 10 Education Podcast

"An essential read for podcasters, salespeople, startup founders, and anyone who wants to lead deeper conversations with people they admire. Andrew Warner's book not only teaches you how to interview, it teaches you how to learn."

Nir Eyal, Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

"This is a book about respect. Respecting others enough to interview them well. Respecting your audience enough to do the work. And respecting yourself enough to be clear about what you're doing and why."

Seth Godin, Founder of Akimbo (Home of the AltMBA) and Author of 20 bestselling books

"In the field of interviewing, Andrew is the archetypal example of ‘so good they can’t ignore you.’ Read this book to steal his secrets!"

Chris Guillebeau, Author of The Money Tree and The $100 Startup

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about Ben Putano

"In the field of interviewing, Andrew is the archetypal example of ‘so good they can’t ignore you.’ Read this book to steal his secrets! "

Ben Putano is a writer, entrepreneur, and book publisher.

Ben has built a career helping startup founders tell better stories. As a content marketing agency owner, he's worked with technology companies big and small, producing over 500,000 words and millions of impressions for clients.

Today, as a publisher, Ben works one-on-one with successful business leaders to write and produce books based on their life's work. Their most recent title is Stop Asking Questions by Andrew Warner, host of the Mixergy podcast.

Ben lives in Chicago with his wife, Mary, and their dog, Avon. When he's not writing, you'll find him playing ultimate frisbee, catching a basketball game, or traveling the world.

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